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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Take My Taxes: Take my Freedom

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The picture to the right is that of Todd Stroger; he is the Board president of Cook County in Chicago. Stroger boast of his 1 percent sales tax increase which brings Chicago's overall sales tax to 10.25 percent. In my audio presentation this week, I make the argument that what Stroger has done is to lessen the freedom of the Cook County residents. Why as American citizens do we so easily say to the Government, "Go ahead, take more money from others, especially the rich?" Essentially saying to the government, "Go ahead, take people's freedom away." Talk about taxation without representation, this is far worse than anything England ever did to us pre-independence. England at least was a declared enemy but now this oppression comes from our fellow citizens.

I implore all of you to become more conservative in how we think of our finances and our economy as it relates to the government. Where am I wrong on this and how can I straighten you out?

Danian Michael for
Political Agenda


Blogger Danian Michael said...

In response to my latest presentation, S.S. left me an e-mail stating the following:

Hi Danian, how do you compare the freedoms of higher taxed Sweden versus the US? Its been reported that there healthcare surpasses ours, but are they less free?


The qualitative difference of our health care system Vs. that of Sweden is a topic for a different discussion; if you are making a connection, I must admit that I fail to see its relevance in this discussion. I am trying to show the connection between the government raising our taxes and it taking our freedom. If someone robs me at gun point so that she can give healthcare to someone else, it’s still wrong to forcibly take my money (did you catch the dig on Hillary Clinton’s universal healthcare plan with my using She and not He? Anyone catch that). Now with that said, I am going to bite the bullet and say, yes, people in Sweden are less free than we are in the U.S. given their higher tax rate. Now I may want a more sophisticated way of stating that fact but yes, that is basically what I’m saying.

Now I know that the term freedom is subjectively qualified; none of us have the freedom to commit insider trading for example or to kill someone. If you exercise your freedom to do those things you will quickly find out that you are not as free as you think, yet we think of ourselves as free in this country. I think you would admit however, that restricting someone’s freedom to kill someone is different that than restricting someone’s freedom to keep their hard earned money.

What do you think S.S.?

March 31, 2008 at 2:15 PM  
Blogger Agent of change said...


Interesting point. Now you wouldn't say that taxes completely removes our freedom right? You are talking about degrees of freedom. I like what you said about taxation without representation. Interesting point Danian, very interesting.

March 31, 2008 at 11:29 PM  
Blogger Danian Michael said...

Agent Of Change,

Yes I am talking about degrees of freedom in fact, we are always talking about degrees of freedom for even a person in prison have a certain amount of freedom in his jail cell. To be sure higher taxes withdraws from the bank of freedom, to borrow another phrase from my pastor.

Thank you for the compliment by the way.

Everyone has been rather agreeable lately, I must be having a positive impact on your worldviews out there.

April 2, 2008 at 5:25 PM  
Blogger A.P. said...

"I must be having a positive impact on your worldviews out there." ...Not quite, I've just been busy :)
Hmm, taxes. What a tricky subject. Nobody wants to pay 'em, but no one is above them... just ask Wesley Snipes... If you ask me, it isn't the amount of taxes that really affects the amount of freedom they take away, but what value you get out of paying them. Who knows what our income taxes pay for? I've heard that they pay for nothing more than the interest and fees owed to the Federal Reserve. (a private bank I might add) Our schools are paid for by our property taxes, gas tax goes to the roads. Social security tax, FIMA tax, blah blah blah. We are getting taxed out the ass, and for what? Supposedly, the best educational system in the world, a highly modernized system of highways and bi-ways, and free health care for all... oh wait. No, I pay for that myself, well, my employer does... but if they didn't have to, wouldn't that mean I would get paid more?? Isn't it total compensation? I think that's how it works...
The real issue is how ineffective and inefficient government is. We are getting tax breaks in a time of war. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Is no one paying ANY attention to those idiots? We are borrowing billions from China, using emergency funds to pay for what is now a 5 year long war, kicking people out of their homes because someone sold them a bad loan, and still printing money like it's going out of style!! Since Bush took office, the national debt has doubled, nuff said.
I know Danian, it sounds like I'm singing the conservative song. Fewer taxes...smaller government...more FREEDOM. Yeah right. "Let the free market work it out..." yeah right. There is no more free market. There are only multi-national corporations that will stop at nothing to make a buck. GM lost how many billions last year? And Wagoner got a 40% raise? Let's close down another plant or two. Then we can build the cars in China or Indonesia for $3 a day, and make more profit. That way we can afford to keep our CEO's. Where would we be without their wisdom and leadership!!
What we really need is more regulation and oversight on things like, free (and unfair) trade, Credit card companies, mortgage lenders, for-profit insurance companies, Big Oil, Big Coal... need I go on? Get the lobbyists out of Washington. Do away with privatized campaign finance, and maybe, I don't know, feed and shelter the poor? Stop bulldozing perfectly good public housing in New Orleans to make way for the new and improved "Vanilla City". I just made that up myself :)
So, I'll keep paying my income tax, because I have a family that depends on me not being in prison. That is pretty much the only reason why.

Peace out,

April 29, 2008 at 7:15 PM  
Blogger Danian Michael said...


Better late than never I guess; what took you so long? Welcome back and thanks for writing. I have to disagree with you right off the bat, yet I will say this, that to my surprise (little joke there) I found myself in agreement with a lot of what you are saying. The disagreement: Our status as free people has nothing to do with the good or bad use of that which is taken from us. If someone robs you and use the money for good, does that make null and void the act of taking your freedom during the robbery? Of course it doesn’t Andy. So no, it isn’t the value we get from what we pay in taxes that determines the degree of freedom taken, although the careless use of our tax dollars indeed adds insult to injury.

Andy when you say things like this: “We are getting taxed out the ass, and for what?” you make me so proud. I feel your frustration and I believe it’s a frustration that all Americans share, including the rich by the way. They spend a lot of money hiding their own money from the government; exploiting loop-holes and such. I’m getting off topic here but it’s worth pursuing this point. Nobody likes paying taxes yet a great number of people (all of them Democrats) cry all the time for the raising of taxes on other people. That’s like saying, “Don’t punch me; punch her. Punch that rich guy” How heartless and void of compassion; wishing on someone what you would not want for yourself. That’s breaking the Golden Rule.

Finally I agree that companies can do things that are counter intuitive and at times even down right wrong; paying an executive millions in bonus while the company is posting record losses. I agree with you Andy and at times I just want to approach those board members and beat the living daylights out of them. I will say this however; I won’t trade one tyrant for another, especially when the other tyrant has the armed forces behind them. Companies that employ foolish business practices will get their come-up-ins.

Good points Andy I just think your anger is miss-placed.

April 30, 2008 at 11:27 AM  

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