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Monday, April 14, 2008

How the Tables Have Turned

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Remember the victory dance; Michael Berg celebrating after beating the living daylight out of truck driver Reginald Denny. Yeah, the tables have turned.

Any Way...

Relatively fresh of the press; WRAL News reports:

In the past month, Obama grew his lead among blacks by 15 percent and shrank Clinton's 20-point lead among whites to 7 percent. Obama garnered the support of 86 percent of blacks, and Clinton had 47 percent of whites in the April 3 poll. There did not appear to be a gender divide. Clinton and Obama drew support from men and woman proportional to their share in the overall poll.
(Source: WRAL News Poll -

At a first glance you might miss the real story behind this story. No it is not the transcendent nature of Barack Obama and no; it is not the stalled Hillary Clinton Campaign. The real story here is to be found within the polls themselves. As an immigrant to this country I find myself often looking at race relations from an outside perspective. Quite often I observe, that when people speak in general terms about the journey that lies ahead in battling racism, they often mean (if not always mean) that white people need to do better on how they treat and perceive black people (notice I didn’t say minorities). In my humble opinion, the word minority is analogous to Blacks, African Americans if you will. Now I will grant that it may have been the case that White Americans had the longer road to travel in bridging the racial divide but to be sure both groups had some traveling to do. Getting back to the true story of these polls, the ones I read earlier, it would seem that white Americans have completed their journey or are very close to doing so. Black Americans however have not budge one iota and it would seem have even gone backwards. How do you explain that between two minority candidates with not lick of policy difference between them that Black Americans are so overwhelmingly behind Barack? Again it would make sense (in an uninformed logically convoluted way) if Hillary Clinton was say, a republican. In fact you will not hear Barack and Hillary debate policy differences, because there isn’t any between them. On the other hand, white Americans have found it quite natural to support Barack who by the way is a black man (in all the ways that matter). They support him even after his association with what I would call a White-people-hating pastor and his, “Typical white person” comment; she was only able to hold on to 48 percent of white voters for crying out loud. Indeed a new day has dawned on America and the battle for better race relations rages on but, no longer is it the case that Black Americans are the recipients of racial discrimination; they have become the source, at least according to these polls and the infamous Jeremiah Wright. To any Black person who would decry racism, I say to you, heal thy self.

Well I stand by my convictions and I’m pretty sure that if given serious consideration, you too will conclude as I did that indeed the table has turned on race relations. In my experience, just going about my life day to day, I have found that my theory holds true and that the indicia of the polling data certainly points to this sinister realty. Let that marinate in your thoughts for a while.