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Sunday, November 9, 2008

3 Questions I would have asked Barack Obama and the first is: Tell us two things you don't like about your wife?

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About 3 months ago during the run of my talk radio show I came very close to having an interview with Barack Obama. I was able contact a high ranking member of his campaign who said there was a good possibility. I don’t know what happened, perhaps they learned that I was a conservative, maybe he was too busy, who knows. I made the decision to start preparing some questions for Obama, just in case he decided to give me a shot. After a lot of deliberation I decided on three questions:

The first question was: Tell us two things you don’t like about your wife.

What would his answer be? Would he venture an answer or would he hang up on me? Would he call me a sleaze-ball or would he just simply ignore me? Now just so you know, I am not a sleaze-ball and if he had ventured an answer I would have cut him off and saved his marriage. I suspect what he would have done is decline to answer the question, saying something like, “I love my wife and I wouldn’t change a thing about her.” To that response I would have said, “Excellent, you passed the test.” Any husband who would criticize his wife in public is less than a man and does not have his wife’s best interest at heart. In fact I would go as far as saying that a woman in this case would have reason to doubt the deepness of her husband’s love and that he lacks the depth of commitment required in a marriage.

The Second question was: What are the names of two of your friends who hate your wife and openly speak ill of her to you?

Again, if he started to name names, I would’ve stoped him, turned his microphone off and asked him are you crazy? Any man who would “pal around” with people who hated his wife is not a man who is in-love. I suspect that Obama would have said, “I don’t know anyone like that” and I would think he would be a little annoyed with me by now.

Where am I going with all this? Perhaps some of you are starting to see the implications here. My third and final question to Barack Obama would have been: Now substitute the United States for your wife (Michelle Obama) and now do you understand why many Americans like myself might be a bit concerned?

During the campaign, many of my fellow conservatives went the politically correct path and said, with regards to his associations, “I don’t question Barack’s patriotism, I question his judgment.” Well I have never been one for political correctness and I am here to tell you that I question both his patriotism and his judgment. Why did a critique of this country roll so easily of the senator’s tongue and why did he find it plausible under any circumstance to “pal around” with people who openly hate this country and who would seek to destroy her?

The person who would be president of this country must burn with a love so deep for her that if William Ayers were to cross their path, a punch to the face would be the inclination, and not to do business with him. On foreign soil such a person would never speak ill of this country, but instead would seize the opportunity to point to that “Shining city on a hill.”

Looking ahead, Barack Obama will be our president, perhaps now his love will deepen for this country, the way John McCain’s did during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton or like our veterans on the battlefield. May God continue to bless America and may He grant wisdom and maturity to our next president, Barack Obama.

On Veterans Day, all of us should think of the deep love for country that must be present for someone to put themselves in harms way. If you know a veteran, express your gratitude and make them believe it.

Danian Michael
Political Agenda.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great analogy! I know President Elect Obama loves his wife, let's hope he really loves his country --and not just his idea of what he thinks it could or should be.

November 11, 2008 at 7:19 PM  
Anonymous Sad Machines said...


As implied in your example, the average person is likely to have a thing or two that they might like to change about their significant other, however, it is probably not wise to publically communicate these feelings. But are you saying that person would not still take a bullet for their loved one, that they don't still love that person more than anyone else? Can you only truly love someone if you think they are absolutely perfect? I would strongly disagree.

My point is that it can be the love that drives the liberal view for change. One might say, "I love my country so much that it kills me to see it being steered off course; I will fight to change it for the better."

November 12, 2008 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Danian Michael said...


Let's hope that our new President will learn to accept us, that is us americans for who we are; the greatest nation in the world, bar none. Perhaps he will apply the golden rule and treat the country how he would want to be treated. If you read his autobiography, The Audacity of Hope, you will not find a thank you to the government for any help in his life. Maybe he will allow us to pursue our own path without the government's interference as well.

Thank you for the comment.

November 12, 2008 at 12:25 PM  
Blogger Danian Michael said...

Sad Machines,

Welcome back, I really appreciated your comments on my evolution blog.

To the matter at hand: Let me start by saying that I agree with everything you said, I can’t find anything in what you wrote objectionable. As a conservative I will fight to keep my country on course. I will say this however, if you are married and all you can see are your spouse’s flaws, you’ve got big problems and probably shouldn’t be married. When two people are happily married they acknowledge each other’s flaw’s and try to help each other improve but it’s the things you love about each other that overwhelms your thoughts and grounds your love. If you want to marry someone to change them into someone you can love, don’t get married. So it is with a person’s ambitions to become president of this great country.

Forgive my mushiness about marriage, I am actually married and this is how I feel about my wife and it is also how I feel about my country (to a lesser extent) even now with President elect Barack Obama.

Thanks for writing Sad Machines, tell a friend.

November 12, 2008 at 12:44 PM  

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