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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Let's Dig a Hole!"

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We are in unchartered territory as a country and by unchartered territory I mean unchartered in recent times. Our country has obviously gone through a lot worse. We all feel like we are walking down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood, and wondering, “how will we get out of this?” As a relatively young person, I know nothing about surviving a serious economic downturn, let alone a recession. And I suspect there are many like me out there. Over and over again I hear people saying they have never seen anything like this before and I’m talking about people old enough to be my parents. Hearing the previous generation say things like, “I have never seen our economy this bad before,” makes me feel a bit uneasy. We are all asking the question, “when will we hit the bottom and how will we get going in the opposite direction?”

Well, may I suggest that President Obama’s policies are having the effect of lowering the bottom? Isn’t it amazing that every time the administration declares something, the stock market reaches a new record low? Here’s a true story that happened in Jamaica when I was about 14 years old. In Jamaica we didn’t have ice cream vans; what we had were ice cream motor cycles. The drivers would make a wooden box, pack it with dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide), then fill it with ice cream, ice cream cones, popsicles and all kinds of goodies. They would then strap this box to the back of their motor cycles, which were just a bit bigger than a moped. Yes, even in Jamaica, the spirit of the small business entrepreneur endures. Well one day, some friends of mine and I (about 5 of us altogether) concocted a plan to steal from one of these ice-cream guys. I hate to admit this but yes I was a part of this plan; this heist. The following was the plan:

First we were going to wait for a rainy day (talk about being patient, it hardly rained in this part of Jamaica). Next we dug a big hole in the path of this unfortunate ice cream man. We then filled the hole with water so that it resembled a regular puddle. When the ice cream man falls into this hole, two guys will help the poor victim out of the hole while the rest of us will take his ice cream. Well the plan worked and it worked so well that the ice cream man thanked us for our help, even though hitting the rut bent his front rim. I think back on this dark event in my life and I wish I could find this man today so that I could apologize for what I did and pay him today’s equivalent of his loss. I also hope my parents won’t read this particular article as my Dad would most certainly introduce me to his belt again. Yes, even at 38 years old (soon to be 39) I still have a respectful fear of my parents.

Fast-forward to today and think about all the people who are the backbone of our economy; all the people who get up everyday and go to work; all the people who try everyday to make money by providing a service for their fellow man. Now tell me if President Obama isn’t doing to those people what my friends and I did to that ice cream man. I’m contending that he is doing the same thing; premeditated, purposeful theft? He did the same thing that we did by using a rainy day to dig a hole for the American entrepreneur and “stealing” from him through rising taxes. Know this about my story of the ice cream man: he never returned to our community, he took his business elsewhere. And President Obama with his smooth talk has somehow tricked a large number of my countrymen into thanking him for robbing them. Will someone explain to me how the action of punishing success is stimulative? Isn’t it more logical to expect businesses to close up shop or take their business elsewhere?

Also Consider this: By punishing the hardest working people in our society and propping up the non-contributors, President Obama is not only sowing the seeds of bad behavior, he’s also sowing the seeds of our country’s demise. A dependent class of Americans is just not what we need right now. As a matter of fact, we never need a dependent class. What we need are fighters who expect nothing apart from an honest days pay for a honest days work. I’m reminded of the 761st tank battalion from my last presentation and their tenacity in fighting for what they wanted and for what they loved. I have an idea; instead of tracking the unemployment percentage, “what if we tracked the dependent class percentage and worked to minimize that group of people?”

The answer to our problems isn’t big government, it’s you and me. Because, let’s face it, the government can not hire 20 million people. But you know who can; the American entrepreneur. So instead of flocking to president Obama to save us from all this, find your employer and show him or her your support by doing the best darn job you have ever done in your entire life. And you would do well Mr. President to not dig a hole for the American Businessman.

Danian Michael,
Political Agenda.


Blogger BiGhEaD said...

Well I have to say that you and I agree on this one Danian. With one minor/subtle difference. I don't blame Obama for this, or even think he is really behind this whole rescue package.

The people who wrote this work for the Government, but they were never voted in. But before all that a few of them, several in high power positions, used to work for the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve system - of privately but jointly owned institutions of economic governance - is the keystone to the history and future of the entire global economy.

I don't agree with the stimulus package, or Nationalizing banks and not referring to it as nationalization, or getting into more wars in places further away than I could take one airplane to get to, continuing to show unconditional support for Israel, or anything else Obama is doing.

But singling him out as the biggest fool since W., is rather short sighted, and too easy for you.

Peace In,

March 10, 2009 at 11:39 PM  
Blogger Danian Michael said...


Do my eyes deceive me? Did you just concede the fact that I made a good point. This may be the start of a beautiful friendship.

But you know what's even stranger? I completely agree with you in the elaboration of your point. With one very minor difference (the same as yours); President Obama in signing the bill into law shoulders some of the blame. I also think that if someone were to ask the president where he differed with the authors of the bill; he would be silent.

Bighead, I am most impressed, most impressed.

March 11, 2009 at 11:04 PM  

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